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1st Fort Frances Spark/Brownie Guiding Unit

This link is for the 1st Fort Frances Spark/Brownie unit.

Through Girl Guides, we can make forever friends, go on amazing adventures, and jump into all kinds of fun activities! With the funds we raise through cookie sales, we are able to support our unit as we take the lead and develop important new skills.

Our chocolatey mint cookies aren’t just a tasty treat. They fuel unlimited adventures, countless confidence-building moments and ready- for- anything skills! Sweet deal, right?

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1st Fort Frances Spark/Brownie Guiding Unit

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Girl Guides of Canada empowers every girl in Guiding to discover herself and be everything she wants to be. In Guiding, girls from 5-17 meet with girls their own age in a safe, inclusive space to explore what matters to them. Girl Guides is where girls take the lead, put their ideas into action and jump into awesome activities – all with the support of volunteer Guiders who are committed to positively impacting their lives.

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